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Get To Know Us


Who We Are

ArtSpeak Collective is a global community welcoming artists, collectors, and everyone in between.  We believe that art, in its many forms, saves us. It imagines the possibilities and shines a light in the darkness.  Through our virtual ArtSpeak Collective events we are celebrating the creative spirit in all of us, and creating a space to share, explore, and sell art!  


Art taps into our collective unconscious and awakens our common human experiences. We are fortunate to be able to share our art in times that are unprecedented and unpredictable. Our voices rise together to make sense of our present, to remember our past and to move forward.

During the current pandemic it became very apparent that art and creative expression are needed.  The question is, what can we do to help?  How is the world changing and how do we, as artists adapt? Artspeak Collective was conceived as our way to try and answer these questions.

Not only are we using this platform to bring the community together through art, we are committed to donating a portion of all proceeds to charities supporting those in need during this global crisis. 

Our Mission

The mission of ArtSpeak Collective is to bring the global art community together through virtual events, to provide a personal experience for art viewers and collectors, and to help artist's expand their reach.

Our Vision

ArtSpeak Collective is a place to view and experience art through the creator's eyes.  The virtual events will provide intimate insight into each artist's artwork. The goal is to give the viewer a more in-depth experience than they would receive  in a gallery setting.

Our Commitment

ArtSpeak Collective is committed to partnering with and donating 30% of all sales to various nonprofit organizations that are working to support and strengthen our communities by providing essential resources to those in need. 

We Look Forward To Seeing You At A Future Event!

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